Homecoming 2016-2017


At Oxnard High School, the beginning of each school year signifies Homecoming Season. This includes the Homecoming Fashion Show, the rally, football game, court and dance. “We’ve been planning this for the past month.” said OHS Associated Student Body junior class president Katelyn Bui.

Homecoming Fashion Show

The Homecoming Fashion Show took place on October 7 during lunch. The models consisted of
freshmen OHS students, Ivee Foster and Nia Denina-Molina. Stephanie Diaz, Eric Berrios, Ivan Bundia, and Jorge Marquez were the sophomore runway models.  Angie Rios, Anyssa Lopez, Madeline Sanchez, Abigail Sanabria, Jennifer Rico, George Sandoval for junior models. Lastly, senior Robby Gutierrez, Apryl Navarro, and Ricardo Renteria all took the runway stage.

OHS ASB President Iris Pineda said that the “Homecoming fashion shows kind of interludes with the hoco court.”  This is because the Homecoming court was announced following the fashion show. The week leading up to the Homecoming dance was spirit week.

Homecoming Rally and Game

Friday October 21 was the Homecoming Rally and Game. OHS ASB junior class president, and Rally and Decor manager, Katelyn Bui spent hours in preparation for the event. “I stayed after school all day, making all the sashes and all of the decor until like 8:30 just getting everything set up here in the gym.”

OHS junior ASB rally and decor manager, Angie Garcia said that her job as manager is to have everything set up. On the morning of the rally, both Garcia and Bui arrived around 6:30 a.m to set up decorations such as balloons, murals, stages and the sound system.

“We make a layout of the dance and the rally and we map out where everything is gonna go.,“ said Bui, “There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into this and we’re gonna stay all day for the football game but I think that it’s worth it.”

Janelle Vera, and OHS junior and mural manager with three years of experience explained that her main focus is to make sure that the murals are completed because it’s a key aspect for the Homecoming Rally.


October 22 Homecoming Dance <- click the link to view pictures

Homecoming Winners

“I’m surrounded by good people and it’s a feeling that you’ll never get again in high school.” Said OHS homecoming senior prince, Joshua Chavez who said he was looking forward to dancing with his girlfriend.

“It was a time to really create a bond within the homecoming court.” said Homecoming King, Darien Reyes who was honored to take part.