Gender Roles’ New Era

The standards of men and women have improved.

In the 19th century, a woman’s job was “to counterbalance the moral taint of the public sphere in which their husbands labored all day, they were also preparing the next generation to carry on this way of life,” according to an article entitled Gender Roles in the 19th Century from the British Library Database.


Oxnard High School junior Alex Juarez said, “Guys have a lot of advantages even though they shouldn’t.” One advantage men have had is that they have higher wages than women.


Men have some additional advantages, said,“related to the fact that men are more likely to move into the higher reaches of science, technology, and math fields, which get a lot of respect compared to more traditionally female occupations such as being an elementary school teacher or a nurse.”


Men’s role in the family was to go to work and make enough money to support their family’s lifestyle. Wives had to be “completely submissive to their husband’s wishes,” explained by


Juarez added that, “People need to be supported by two wages in the family.” Some children’s parents, both men and women, work almost everyday to help out with the expenses of the family.


Today men and women roles are not restricted to follow certain rules set by society. Back then it wasn’t acceptable to be in a relationship with the same sex. OHS senior Johnny Fuentes said, “A lot of people in the past were critical about two guys or two girls that were in a relationship.”


Another difference between gender roles, then and now, is that some women in the 20th century are more aware about the difference they can make in the world if treated equal to men. OHS senior Sarah Tirado said “ A girl doesn’t have to give a reason to be in the football team and a guy be in the cheer-leading team.” Both genders can now express themselves much better than they would have had a century ago.