Feel What Bern?

Bernie Sanders still wants the best for America.

Bernie Sanders ran for the Democratic Party as a candidate in the primary elections. After the votes were in earlier this year, many young student voters were disappointed. Those young voters and supporters had no other option than to see their preferred Democratic candidate lose.

Oxnard High School junior Mayela Solorio, feels “…really bad because [Sanders] just wanted to help us yet, everyone wanted to vote for the familiarity of Clinton”. Solorio mentioned how she believes in Sanders’ issues that he advocated regularly.  

Some of those issues were racial justice, combating climate change, making debt and college tuition free, and etc according to Bernie Sanders’ website.

Besides his website, Sanders has other social media accounts. To the University of California, Davis freshman Stephanie Quero, she believes that Bernie Sanders “…did not get his fair share in media attention”. Quero believes that it’s due to Trump and Clinton’s power and money. But according to The Washington Post, Sanders had more of the younger generation vote for him than Trump and Clinton did combined.

Jenelle Vera, OHS junior, states that “… if the younger generation [voted] more, they [could have gotten] the change because everyone liked Bernie but they would not go out and vote.” Both Vera and Quero believe that young voters should have voted to have gotten a great presidential candidate in the Democratic Party.

The younger generation such as OHS junior Abigail Sanabria were very passionate about Bernie Sanders because of his impact on them. Despite not running anymore, Sanders still manages to impact and change the lives of many.