Art at the Hive

OHS teachers and students discuss the lack of funding within the Art department.

Art departments are facing conflicts due to the lack of funds available to them. Without the money to support art classes, students will not be able to make astonishing pieces of artistry with their imagination.


“Funding has always been a problem,” said OHS art teacher Mr. Darren Cartagena. He revealed that he did not have a budget for the 2015-2016 school year, which led him to buy his own materials, “[but] we use what we got.”


“He’s told us a couple of times that he buys his own materials,” said OHS freshman Yamira Martinez, “We should treat the supplies with respect.”


Additionally, Mrs.Tanner, an art and photography teacher at OHS has tried her best to make do with their current budget and buy as many materials possible for her classes.


However, she would love to have professional cameras, and a new computer lab. “One camera is about $1,200 and we have never had that big of a budget,” said Mrs. Tanner, “I have to get all the supplies for one year for all of my classes or just one camera.”


OHS art students have contributed ideas to aid the situation within the art department. For example, Ronaldo De La O, an OHS senior said that “[the art classes] should make bigger murals with meaning, then sell it in auctions for the public to see and sell to fundraise for the art department.”


However, fundraising proved to be a conflict for the art department. Mrs. Tanner revealed that in a past fundraising event, there were limitations as to what they could use the money for. “We couldn’t spend it on class materials, and that was what we were fundraising for. Since then, we haven’t done anymore fundraisers.”


Despite it all, Mrs. Tanner said that “the classes are amazing. I think that the kids get a great education.”


All of the art teachers at the Hive are alert and trying their best to keep the art department at place in order to give the opportunity for artistic people to excel in the arts for the years to come.