AVID vs. non-AVID senior applications

AVID and non-AVID explain their struggles in their college application.

As the waited year of high school has finally come for high school students, juniors rejoice as fresh seniors, but there is one more thing students have to overcome: college applications. Starting this past Thanksgiving break, some seniors have yet to finish their college application.


Oxnard High School AVID senior Karli Sabater said, “ Everything would’ve been a mess, I would’ve been a mess.” Without taking AVID and getting help from the AVID teachers available to them seniors would have had more problem in their application.


AVID seniors are getting as much help as they can on their college application, but are still finding the process very difficult and wonder how seniors not in the program are working on their application. OHS senior Marisela Torres said, “ I wonder how they are going through the process of applying because it’s hard enough with help.”


Some non-AVID seniors struggle on their college application since they have trouble finding help. Even when getting help, it would only be on a small section of the application, the rest is all on their own. In regards to how much help when applying,  Nancy Juarez said, “ Mostly on my own but I do get help from one of my LAPS[Law and Public Service Academy] teachers Mrs. Ohlrich. She had been the one helping me when I have questions.”


Non-AVID seniors in their application have been struggling on personal statements, which schools to apply, which majors to choose, certain areas to add information, and, the biggest problem of them all, procrastination. Matthew McGraw said, “I just get lazy, knowing where to apply, what schools are for me, where to go to apply, and choosing my major.”

AVID and non-AVID seniors would recommend students to join AVID since it would greatly benefit them and, by the start of their senior year, they would be glad they took it. Sabater said, “AVID really helps with getting you prepared for college and helps you with college applications. Tutorials and binder checks are annoying but other than that, AVID is very helpful”.