Picture Photographers at OHS

Picture photographers at OHS

The year of 2016 has influenced students at Oxnard High to become photographers.


“I think a lot of people want to become photographers just simply because it’s a fun hobby first of all. They also want a spot light with how they view the world and want to express themselves through their pictures.” said Oxnard High School senior, Jack Adams.


Recently, several OHS students express themselves through photographs and are often influenced by what is shown on social media.


“I am able to improve my photography skills and post pictures on social media” remarked OHS senior, Jose Gonzalez.


Social media has greatly impacted the life of a photographer due to the excessive amount of time people spend on their cellular devices and are able to upload any images. This enormous transformation of a camera and being able to post anything on social media has changed since the 1930s, also,rarely was a person able to see a picture of themselves according to factslegend.org.


Although pictures carry hidden messages, it is as well as; “a way to capture the beauty of what is already there and enhance it” said OHS junior, Keanu Pagano.


Oxnard High’s talented photographers have truly gained popularity for their creative works and bring positive vibes to the campus of the yellowjackets. Jack exclaimed,” you really do capture the moment and it’s something you could never get back unless you have a photo then you can truly relive the moment.”


Luckily, this is a great opportunity for photographers to demonstrate their own perspectives through an image and they are given the chance to become inspirational to others