walk out or not?

Walk out or not?


“I think people are having walkouts because it’s the only way we know how to handle situations” said Oxnard High School senior Zachary Klontz.


President Elect Donald Trump, came out victorious  against Democratic Candidate, Hillary Clinton, in the United States election this past November,which caused a scandal less than twenty four hours prior to election day.


Several colleges and high school students in the state of California decided to begin protests by walking off campus. “People decided to walk out because they were upset of the outcome from the election.” said OHS sophomore Noehli Avila.


Oxnard High School decided to join the movement differently by allowing any student to leave class, without any punishment,and attend the Performing Arts Center on campus to express themselves about the election. This was a very peaceful way to begin a protest on campus rather than walking off campus and facing severe punishments and not being able to change anything.


Students heard about the walkout to the PAC and decided to attend because there was no penalty or consequence which lead to classes being empty. “Students saw the opportunity to get out of class and took advantage of that situation instead of feeling something about what is going on” said OHS junior Daniel Rivera.


Other high schools in the city of Oxnard walked out of campus, and may face school suspension. Hueneme High School was the only other high  school in the district that did not walkout and allowed students to express themselves within their campus.