Frequent or Less Frequently

At Oxnard High School, there are backpack searches that are appointed to a “random selection of the school.” When a backpack search is conducted upon a class, a selection of students are chosen to be taken out of class to have their personal belongings checked for any possession of drugs, weapons, or anything that is not allowed at school. According to ACLU of Northern California, a student may deny the request of having a search done to them if the school does not have any “reason of suspicion” to search someone. Having these searches done for classes at school takes time away from the class session and administration’s time from their schedule.

Oxnard High School senior,Guillermo Salazar had been a student who was chosen when administration conducted a search in his class. Guillermo believes that if more searches were to be conducted at school it would make him feel “safer” at school. “ I think that the more drugs and weapons we find on kids makes the campus a lot safer.”


Other Oxnard High School students, such as Robert Vasquez, believe that there are plenty of searches that are already conducted at school. “ I think that the school should continue having the same frequent amount of searches as they have always had.” Robert stated that having the same amount of searches would be best for the school. “ I think having the same amount keeps the same proportionate timely matter for class to not be cut out as much, but keeps the campus safe.”


Oxnard High School’s associate principal, Lisa Venable, was in charge for last year’s backpack checks.” Sometimes we may not be able to conduct more than one search a day,due to time constraint that we have to pull out from our schedule.” Venable believes that a search a day is enough to keep the campus safe.


According to Ms.Venable,the selection of students are made up alphabetically by last name.”We randomly choose a class and then we randomly pick out students by last name,” says Venable. This process is done for ever search so the selection is fair and no one is being targeted.

The process of having a search done at school takes time from everyone’s schedule. The school is able to these searches upon kids to enforce school regulations.According to Ms.Venable, having more of these searches conducted at school makes a difference to the campus environment. It also cost a lot of time from everyone’s schedule for this assurance of safety at school.