DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Hey! Thinking of dressing up after all? It is not too late, here are some super easy ideas:

You can be a nerd; all you need is big pants, a loose T-shirt, suspenders, and some nerdy glasses and you are ready to go.

What about that Snapchat deer filter? All you need is a brown outfit and some antlers that you can easily make yourself!

Feeling peaceful this Halloween? With only a pair of round sunglasses, a headband and a tie dyed shirt you can be a hippie!

Have you been good this year? Maybe you can show it off with that angel costume just by throwing on a white outfit and buying a pair of wings.  

Or maybe you have not been so good, that is alright, you can throw on a red outfit and some devil horns that you can easily  make yourself.

We all wish we could be Kylie Jenner, well now you can, just wear a tight dress and long heel boots. Do not forget to overdraw your lips!

Meow, find a black outfit, eyeliner (to draw whiskers) and kitty ears to meow the night away.

Biddo, Biddo, Biddo. Who does not love the minions? Well throw on some denim overalls and a yellow shirt and everyone will love you just as much!

Howdy! With only a flannel, a bandana, denim bottoms and some boots you will be the perfect cowboy/ cowgirl!

Thirsty for blood? Perfect, throw on old clothes, wear messy hair and get some black and white face paint and fake blood and you will be the cutest vampire out there.