The History of Christmas

Oxnard High School’s students discuss how Christmas began.

Christmas in the United States was not always seen as a holiday. On June 26. 1870 December 25 was declared to be a federal holiday. According to, Christmas was introduced into the U.S. to promote the idea of having a meal together. It helped the U.S overcome confusion during that ear and to help people feel united at least once a year for a short period of time.

The Nativity, or the birth of Jesus, was when God sent his only, Jesus, to be born in this world. The son of God was born to purposely pay the price of all the things that mankind has done wrong, however his birth was also suppose to bring joy to the world.

However, nowadays Christmas can be saddening and frustrating for some people due to the lack of money for family presents or the lack of family to celebrate it with, according to 

“To some people it could be a cultural Christmas, and it could be a religious Christmas to others,” said OHS junior Briana Rivera. According to, 51 percent of people in the United States celebrate Christmas because they perceive it as more of a religious holiday, while 32 percent see it as a cultural holiday and nine percent see it as both cultural and religious.

a handful of people may associate Christmas as the time we give and get gifts, but it “is not all about the gifts, it is a holiday to celebrate with family and have a good time to basically get together give each other a gift of possible and spend quality time together,” said OHS junior Ramona Ramirez.

Furthermore, some people celebrate Christmas based on traditions and different beliefs. “it’s mostly about the family bond because it lets us be connected to each other,” said college student Alejandrina Ramirez.

Christmas is not about the presents, but about being with the people one cares about. As OHS junior Jennifer Rico said “When i think of Christmas i think of joyful memories with family and the holiday spirit.”