Spooky Specials


OHS students share their top Halloween movie favorites, along with recommendations that’d make up a great movie night.


         As October comes to an end, Oxnard High School student Joshua Mejía shares his great interest in Halloween movies, TV specials and the spooky holiday all together by enthusiastically stating: ”I just love spooky stuff!”

          In reminiscing the fun times as a child, Mejia shared his great love for Disney Channel movies such as Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, Twitches and many more; claiming that these movies have impacted his movie selection now. “They can’t make anything the same like they used to” Mejía stated while Ashley Limon, OHS Junior, agreed by commenting, “before they were just… genuine.” The genre of movies were simple and “not-so-scary” but truly brought out the Halloween spirit; making specials such as these to be well liked and frequently watched throughout October.

         Thanks to technology horror movies have come a long way, no not necessarily making them the best. “Classics” such as Beetle Juice, the Blair Witch Project, Jeepers Creepers, The Evil Dead and many more are recommended by these two as well as OHS junior Fidelmar Espinoza, who said he enjoyed these movies so much because they “speak to [him].” Movies such as The Call, House At the End of the Street, the Gift and Practical Magic are also highly recommended by these students for a fun Halloween night.

        Some movies that are recommended to be avoided for their lack of creativity and spontaneous approach are: Paranormal Activity, Insidious or any “reboots”. They may be liked by some but these effortlessly made movies, aren’t on the top ten for these students.   

     Although October is quickly approaching its end, don’t let the Halloween spirit fade away so easily. Grab some friends and enjoy some holiday favorites, from then and now!