Thrive On Fifty-five

        Proposition 55 is a modified continuation of proposition 30. Originally, proposition 30 was meant to get the US “out of the gutters” and push for educational improvement. But now that the presidential term is coming to an end, the great improvements and improve,ent throughout schools will as well. This will cause long term effects that will be easier to fix now rather than later.

        Now the push for proposition 50 is intensifying, worrying those who it will affect, including students parents and educators. Not only will it be taking place of the old proposition, but it will also have the some moderations.

        One of these moderations will be to set aside money to contribute to the state’s public schools. Creating fewer budget cuts and creating more opportunities for the well-being of the students.

         It will also contribute to the safety of the students by providing stability in health care and protection for low-income families.

        In order to meet these moderations, there would have to be a  raise in taxes on California’s richest 2%. Where, according to, over the past four years, these same people have provided up to 63% of the state’s funds.

         Proposition 55 will also be voted on for a term of 12 years; hoping it will bring in four to nine million dollars a year. Many of the voters were told that this would be a temporary action, that is why they approved prop 30. But, by making proposition 55 active through a course of twelve years, many voters oppose.

          A common ground as to why many voters do not want to vote yes on prop 55 is because “it takes too much money from the people who have worked hard to earn it and because small businesses will be eliminated along with many job opportunities” according to

         Although it may have had minor setbacks, proposition 30 helped small communities in need support their public schools and junior colleges. It allowed fewer ‘pink slips’ to be handed out;  bettering the education of students and the future of America.