All Aboard the Scholar-ship

There is plenty of help offered for those who plan on attending college.

As college application season comes to an end, many seniors come to realize that college is not cheap. Many worry they will live the rest of their life paying off student loans and others simply give up the illusion of college for the sake of their family’s financial status.

To their advantage, Oxnard High School has a very helpful source called the College and Career Center, where scholarships are waiting to be filled out and submitted.

Local scholarships are offered throughout the city of Oxnard, for those who set out to find them. These scholarships are easier to attain since many are unaware of what the city has in store for them. They are offered by small local businesses and usually compensate the few who apply even if they don’t fully meet the expectations required.

Oxnard High School graduate, Melody Rodriguez, received an athletic local scholarship, even though she did not play any sports. Due to her compelling story, she even managed to get her amount doubled.

Nationwide scholarships are more competitive due to the fact that one is competing with the best in the nation. OHS Senior, Bryan Navarro, believes students are more compelled to apply to local scholarships since “they have better chances versus national [since] it’s more competitive.”

Students should be aware of the fact there are so many opportunities waiting for them in their city, they just have to set out and look for them.

Though nationwide scholarships are still an option, one should consider a different alternatives in finding financial help. Nothing in life will ever be easy or simply handed to them, one must make the effort and not let this free money go to waste.

Students should take the time to visit the College and Career Center, or do personal research and apply to all the scholarships possible. Do not let personal financial status limit your dreams to attend college.