Hollywood Lives Forever

Hollywood Forever Cemetery is home of many classic and cultural events in the Los Angeles community.

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery (HFC)  is one of the most unique landmarks in the city of Los Angeles. Not only for it being the final resting spot for many Hollywood stars and icons, but for its ability to showcase itself as the home of many local concerts and cultural events.

    Many join around this cemetery to rock out to one of their favorite bands performing, others to watch classic movies, or some to simply pay tribute to the welcoming Johnny Ramone statue in the center of the cemetery.

     Oxnard High School senior Vanessa Reyes has recently had the pleasure to attend a concert held there and states her favorite memory being “everyone dancing at a cemetery.”  Others living in the Los Angeles area have an easier way of getting to this joyful cemetery. Los Angeles local Emily Summeriva always finds herself at the HFC enjoying a cult classic film when she has the time.

Though this cemetery may seem like all fun and games, it does hold a serious meaning.The corpses lying there have been successful in music and film. Silent movie actor Charlie Chaplin and rock star idol Dee Dee Ramone are peacefully in their graves knowing their legend lives on through all the events happening in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.