College Prep To Advanced Placement

What moving up to an Advanced Placement class really means.


At Oxnard High School, many types of classes are offered for the advancement and progressiveness of its students. These classes can range from college prep, honors and advanced placement courses.


    Transitioning from a college prep class to an Advanced Placement class can be very nerve wracking due to not knowing what to expect from the class itself or the students joining you. As you go through your four years of high school, you should always strive to improve and become a well-rounded student.


     Usually, as an honors student, you should look forward to take on more rigorous courses such as AP classes because, with an exceptional test score, it can give you credits accountable for college. These classes, in most cases, require prior knowledge and skills developed in past courses. As a college prep student this leap from can be drastic as the pace is much faster including much more work and to be successful, you must dedicate a lot of time for studying and homework.


   AP student Enrique Becerra advises “take the class seriously and don’t become complacent” as it can lead to a lot of stress and, because the courses are at a fast pace, can cause you to be behind on a lot of work. AP courses come with multiple responsibilities, so stay on track because although there may be a lot of difficulties, the struggles you face are worth it at the end as they come with great gain and opportunities to further your academic career