For the Yellow Jackets, by the Yellow Jackets

Clubs and fun classes that are available for students to join at Oxnard High school.

Oxnard High School has a variety of clubs on campus ranging from academic programs to clubs that express creativity that can relate to every student’s interests and have fun.


The All-Natural dance team is very well known for their outstanding choreography at the hive’s rallies for many special occasions. All-Natural junior team captain Angel Cardenas said, “I can be myself and show my personality.” Throughout Angel’s experience, she came out of her shell and made new friends.  


In addition, Angel mentions that others should join next year because of the experience and memories you can make with the team. When dancing you will grow your confidence and truly be yourself with your friends, teammates, or as Angel goes by is your family. For more information All-Natural practices from Monday to Friday after school at the basketball courts from 3:30 to 5:00.


“This is one of the best dance teams I’ve ever been a part of,” said All-Natural sophomore dance member Gia Grande. Being in All-Natural truly expresses your confidence and make you feel important to others. “It totally brought me out of my shell and that’s where I made my best friends. I always wanted to dance, but I kept it to myself. So weeks later they had tryouts and I tried out. Soon I was welcomed to the team,” said Grande.


For future dance choreographers or to receive a dance scholarship she believes being part of the dance crew can show that you had great experience and inspiration from the dance team and also help others in the near future.Being in All-Natural truly expresses your confidence and make you feel important to others.


Quire is a classroom where individuals have the same passion for singing at hive that sound unfamiliar to some. “A lot of people have creativity music wise and don’t know about this class. It’ll bring the creative side of Oxnard High School that many don’t know about,” said junior Choir veteran Lily Damian. She also mentioned that it will help people that have stage fright, who later will overcome it.


Following with public speaking, you get used to perform in front of others since you’re not alone. “It changed me as a person and get to perform better, your classmates won’t leave you solo, unless you are confident being solo,” said junior Choir veteran Mariah Madueño. Students in Choir are guided by their new music teacher, Mr. Andre Spence who helps them improve their passion for singing. Choir is during fourth period in the L-Building in room 129 were most of the music group members express their variety of musical talents.

“It helps people to shine and bring out their creativeness and their hidden talents and help them overcome that shyness…Throughout it helped me listen to beautiful new sounds and meet new people,” said Madueño. There is space available now in Choir but you can also sign up next year and share your passion of singing with others.

Fans of Attack on Titan, Black Butler, Death Note, and other varieties of Anime come together to discuss the updates in shows and movies in Japan’s Film Industry. Freshman Anime club member Xiomara Medina said,” I met new people in the club who I knew but soon later became closer friends with them. ”  In addition, she said many should join this club because you’ll make new friends and experience more of the japan community with others. The Anime club takes place in the B-Building room 111 during lunch on Mondays and Fridays.

“The main idea of Key Club is about helping the community and also getting to know your surroundings… My friends agreed that the club is where you get to be open to others and also be a leader ,” said freshman Key Club member Emily Cisneros.


Overall she said she truly enjoys being part of the club since she also made new friends and became a better person in school. Before being a part of the club she received some advice from her sister who was also involved in Key Club, throughout her years of experience. If interested about Key Club you can get more information from Ms.Taylor in the F-Building room 107 during lunch.

“For CSF it’s about getting a good idea of colleges and where you want to go after senior year,” said Jeanette Chavez a freshman CSF club member. She mentioned that the club has changed her into a different person focusing the differences of colleges and what you have to do in order to be ready during your senior year.  

Being part of CSF is like following the yellow brick road of success in exploring all the wonderful Universities and what majors or minors they offer once you’re in college, also knowing the pros and cons of UCs and CSUs.   


At Oxnard High School, every one of these clubs have a similarity where students are able to share their interests or hobbies and be inspired with others. Soon realising the new fun experience is something they never thought they would be interested in.