Choosing Classes

OHS students discuss their experience with choosing next year’s classes.


Stress comes and goes but classes stay for ever, or for at least a year.

In previous years, when counselors would pick your classes for you and you had such a little say in it. Now with the new method in choosing classes, it allows the student to fully pick the class that they really want to take. As Oxnard High School sophomore Delia Ceja stated, “I feel that this new method of choosing our classes is great since we get to pick what we want and choose a class we wish to prosper and succeed in.”

The new method includes a colored sheet, all depending on your grade, with your name and grade and classes that you can take for the next year. In order to choose a class, a teacher needs to sign off for it as a recommendation. You are given a due date and then at that day, you hand off the completed sheet to your English teacher.

When it comes to schedules, many students want to have a say in it, after all , it is their future. As OHS sophomore, Gabriella Flores stated, “I feel as if it allows us to have [a] say in what we want and know what’s best for us to take [because] most of us want to take the AP (advanced placement) and honors classes.”

Choosing classes isn’t just about what classes your friends are taking, but it is also a way to show to others, and yourself, what you are capable of, as stated by OHS junior Nazareth Garcia, “My last three years I have had all honors and AP classes and choosing classes for my senior year is really hard because I don’t want to have such a challenging schedule but i still have to choose some challenging classes because i’m still trying to impress colleges.”

In the course of the new method being introduced just last year, 2016, there may have been a few confusions between the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. But there were very helpful teachers to guide students in the right direction. As stated by OHS junior, Teresa Baeza, “Mrs.Roberts, the English 2H teacher helped me choose my classes and organize my schedule; as well as give me pointers.”

Before choosing your classes, many students have gotten the opportunity to talk to upperclassmen that have already taken that class to make sure that they are suitable for that class. like Flores says, “ I strongly agree with an older student… because we all have different outlooks on how a class is and if we like it or not, so I would go by what a student who’s experienced the class has to say about it.”

So next time you’re choosing your classes, just remember to take a deep breath and not over think it.