Chinese New Year

OHS students discuss Chinese New Year celebration

In Ireland, good luck is signified by the color green. In China, red is the lucky color. One of the truly great traditions of Chinese New Year is the red envelope.

The red envelope is given for any social events and family gatherings such as weddings and most importantly, Chinese New Year. The red on the envelope symbolizes good luck and it is also a symbol to scare off evil spirits as stated by

The Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is celebrated throughout the world with ethnic backgrounds from counties that include China, The Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, North Korea, Taiwan, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau” according to

Some ethnic backgrounds in the United States celebrate Chinese New Year, but don’t get to fully experience the celebration from their origin country. Other ethnic backgrounds in America that don’t get to celebrate the occasion wish to commemorate it. Some don’t get the chance to enjoy the original festivity because their family migrated to America and have adapted to the American culture.

OHS junior Ellie Cheng said that during the festival time, usually all of her family members go to her relatives’ houses to celebrate. “It’s like any family gathering except we also get these red envelopes with money as gifts,” said Cheng.

The Lunar New Year is known to have a different animal to symbolize each year, 2017 being the rooster’s year, yet the dragon is the main animal that represents “importance, power and strength, represent all things male, and were the symbol of the Emperor of China”, according to

The dragon is seen in the parade with people underneath it making it dance, the dance meaning good fortune for businesses. After they have completed the dance, the dragon’s head and tail is burned and the body is returned to the temple where it stored for the next year’s celebration according
OHS junior Alyssa Romano said, “I [enjoy] spending time with my family and I miss being exposed to such a rich culture. Also receiving money is really fun.”