At-let-it Be A Good department

It’s about all your teams, all your athletes, all your coaches, the athletic director would be at the top and all of that would comprise your athletic department” said U.S History teacher and boys varsity basketball coach Jeff Staniland.

OHS athletic director Rick Garcia stands near the swimming pool.

According to, these athletic departments are present in high schools because competitive opportunities are provided to have success, which can lead to improvement of the department. OHS sophomore Kevin Navarro said, “Athletes and coaches emphasize more when they’re coaching and they are playing their sport. We’ve [OHS] wo
n more championships than before. That’s how the athletic department has improved.”


These successes developed with conducting challenging practices, integrity, and absolute sportsmanship towards teammates and opponents. “The thing about sports is to learn valuable life lessons and the attributes that our coaches teach of hard work, togetherness, perseverance, overcoming adversity, all these things you can transfer to life.” Said Mr. Staniland.


Some sports are not acknowledged
sufficiently enough, such as golf or tennis. These are sports that students should take pride in as well and not just the “big sports” that everyone attends. “Athletic departments should promote other sports. The girls soccer won the CIF championship and the boys basketball made it far in the playoffs.” Said OHS junior Daniel Rivera.


Athletic director, Rick Garcia said that the biggest change that the athletic department has brought to OHS is the opportunity to bring girl athletics.


Improvement in the department has been made through coaches making sacrifices for their team and athletes putting in the hard work and dedication.