The Life Changing Price Change

Why the AP testing prices changed.

It is almost Advanced Placement test taking time but before taking the test, it has to be paid for. Recently there has been a change in pricing for AP testing. It now changes based on how many tests are being taken. Before it used to be a rise by a consistent amount no matter how many tests were taken.


“Before the College Board would be able to give us money for us to be able to use to pay for students that get free and reduced, unfortunately now they changed their rules. One of the things they want the districts to do is, they want the districts to apply for a grant,” said Mr. Osar Verdin.


According to “Beginning in 2017, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) will eliminate this program, and educational programs under a new Title IV, Part A block grant. The vast majority (95%) of this new Title IV, Part A funding will go to districts, which can use these funds to subsidize their low-income students’ AP Exam fees this year and next.”.


“My three AP tests cost me $175 and then my friend who has is also taking three but she has free and reduced lunch only has to pay $30 like I understand but it’s such a big difference and I feel more pressure that I have to pass,” said OHS junior Jenelle Vera. Some students feel that the pricing is unfair due to the fact that the price difference is more than half.


Students who qualify for fee reductions: College Board fee reductions and state and federal subsidies are available for students with financial need,” according to Those students that are unable to pay the full price get assistance from the College Board.


“I like the fact that I only payed $30 compared to the $200 or $300. I qualify for free and reduced lunch but my friends that don’t, it’s not like I’m that much poorer than them,” said OHS junior Alondra Quintal. Getting free and reduced lunch comes with perks when it is time to pay for the exams.