Discovery Time

Special Education students take a step forward


A new beginning

Many students don’t know what they want to do after high school after their finish. However what happens to those special need students after high school. Before many would stay home left at the care of their parents or a relative’s. Without a clear direction or a clear motive many didn’t find the need to do anything after high school

However over the last several years a program has been in development that would take those Special education students and give them something to do after high school. Project Discover was started in the 2000’s according to also stated that over 500 schools nationwide used the program as a way to get their students motivated of life after high school. Proven examples have been noted, as OHS alumni Griselda Cano stated “I wish the program would of been around while I was in special ed, it would have been more beneficial for me”

In Oxnard High School the Discovery Program has been around for a little less than three years to great success, according to the OHS director of the Special Ed program David Yunker. Yunker stated “ Ever since I started working at OHS in the Special Ed department I’ve wanted to incorporate the Discovery Program”

David Yunker also stated that “ Most of the Special Ed students that go through the program usually ended up with a job after high school or some end up going to college.” Furthermore the average students in Special Ed wouldn’t receive any support from other institutions similar to the progress of the Discovery Program according to

“The discovery program will continue to grow and become an even bigger part of our school curriculum in the future” David Yunker