Private or Public Preferences

Oxnard High School students discuss the differences between private schools and OHS

Often times people view private schools as better schools compared to public schools. Although there is no definite way to tell which school is ‘better,’ there are certain qualities some students may prefer to have that will benefit their high school experience in a positive way.


Oxnard High School junior Gabriel Quintana  attended both a private school and a public school, but said he said he prefers OHS for one main reason.


Quintana said “A quality that OHS has that other schools don’t have are all the information they are able to give in the College and Career Center.” He found that the information OHS has available to its students is something that his prior private school was not able to offer to him.


Along with this, Quintana also said that the students he is surrounded by plays a big role in determining which school he feels is ‘better.’


OHS senior Julissa Rivas said “I’d prefer to attend OHS due to it being a fun environment and being able to wear whatever you wanted.” Although she prefers to attend OHS, there were some qualities that she enjoyed more at a private school.


At her prior school, classes were much smaller compared to the ones here at OHS. Rivas felt that teachers paid more attention to each individual student because of the classes being smaller, which was something Rivas enjoyed.


For OHS junior Mark Argueta, he said sports plays a big part in deciding between a public or private school. Argueta said “I prefer OHS because it has provided me with more than I could imagine, not only good friends and great coaches, but with a school I can be proud to represent everytime I step onto that football field.”


One thing that Quintana, Rivas, and Argueta all agreed on was that private schools serve much better food than OHS.


At the end of the day, choosing between a private school and public school may all be personal preference when deciding which is ‘better.’ For some prior private school students at OHS, the major differences are the food, class sizes, and the competition in its sports.