Knowledge is Power


“The Knowledge Bowl is an academic quiz bowl-like competition that tests high school teams on their knowledge of science, astronomy, literature, math, current events, history, pop culture, and a wide array of trivia subjects,”said Oxnard High School junior Will Gerardo. All the points are tallied up at the end of the match and the team with the most points wins, the Knowledge Bowl is set up as league system in which whoever wins the Ventura County Knowledge Bowl receives a trophy
When the knowledge bowl goes to compete they will compete with three different schools in three different school. The first round school will be different from the second and third round schools. When the school enters to compete the participating members sit it the front in the front desk with a buzzer and a number assign to the sit. The following member sit in the back quietly discussing or just watching the member answer.
There are four adult that sit in the front watching the whole class the first one keeps track on time and calls time if no one has answer. The second adult calls the school and the number of the sit when the student has hit the buzzer.Third adult announces the question and after times has been call or no one answer correctly then they announce the answer they will also say if the question is a toss up or bonus. The last adult has the final say if no one is sure if they can count the point or not.
Bonus question comes after the school has answer correctly but the school who answers the question must be the only one to answer the bonus question the other school can’t. Toss up question comes after the bonus question, it is to give the schools get another chance of points after the bonus question.
When in half time of the round the members can change captains or teammates, when halftime has ended the students answer the question must introduce themself with their name and last name and what year they are in.
After the end of the rounds all schools that competed meetup with all the other school in which they are told the winners who got first, second, or third place but those who did not get to place they still gain a mini prize. The winning team do not only get a trophy but get medals for the whole team.
Members of the Knowledge bowl join the club by recommendation, have a friendly competition, and improve their academic skills. OHS junior Gerardo stated that, “This friendly academic competition helps give us opportunities for mastering team building skills, exuding our intellect, and to interact with students from other schools in the county.”
This year Knowledge Bowl (2017) meetings are at Lunch break every tuesday and meet after school occasionally. OHS senior Axel Mona affirm “Knowledge Bowl’s schedule varies each year but the traditional schedule is two to three meeting per week […] Knowledge Bowl competition are usually about three hours.” The Knowledge bowl first competition was on March fifteen at Oaks Christian High School at Westlake.
There is no requirement to join the Knowledge Bowl club it is “open to anyone who is willing to be dedicated and put in the effort because everyone’s brain is different!” stated by Gerardo. If you want to consider in joining the club you are welcome to the club since there are no requirements and are open to accept anyone who would like to join.