Help Them Help You

Oxnard High School’s extraordinary educational staff has created an ambiance of intellectual desire and positive teaching methods over the years to motivate their students and have them perform to the best of their ability. However, the question remains as to what attitudes portrayed by teachers inhibit good learning.


“Encouraging students to ask questions is one of the most helpful things a teacher can do to a student’s learning” said OHS junior Enrique Becerra. Essentially the communication between student and teacher is extremely crucial.


According to, “successful teacher-pupil interaction in the classroom is essential to the educational and social development of pupils and that teachers’ understanding of their own behavior is, therefore, of paramount importance.” in correlation to that, creating an interaction between the behavior of the teacher and progressiveness of the student.


OHS junior Luis Govea said “Favoritism can discourage the progression of other students if they are not rewarded or given the same attention as those students the teacher holds closer.”


The behavior and attitudes of teachers all in all can make or break the students aside the material and class itself. claimed that “good teachers know how to bring out the best in their students, but it’s not magic and it’s not just about popularity” and Oxnard High’s extraordinary staff has been able to successfully touch these points.