Positivity Through PBIS

Inside look at PBIS and the benefits it holds for Oxnard High School.

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support was established by the U.S Department of Education’s Special Program to implement a successful and beneficial outcome for students with learning disabilities and social behavioral problems. Through these positive impacts many things have changed around the campus of Oxnard High School. Many students manage to have an ordinary sense of what being a student is like rather than viewed as an outcast. According to https://www.pbis.org/school, “purpose of schoolwide PBIS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm.” This inflicts students to feel that behaving in an ordinary way can not only benefit them in the classroom but prove their social skills. Shannon Houston, Assistant Principal of Oxnard High School, has begun to enforce this by holding meetings with parents and simply influencing students to take courses that will benefit them rather than give them an easy way out. Though, the implementation of PBIS at OHS has just begun, there is sure to be a positive reaction throughout the campus.