Boys Basketball CIF

Runner-up for CIF championships

Oxnard High School’s Boys Basketball accomplished a great season as they ended up being CIF runner-up. Playing such a big game was quite the experience for the boys. “It was different because we have never played in an environment like that,” says OHS senior Mason Johnson as he refers to the arena in which the game took place.

“I tried not to get caught up by the stadium and realize there were still a court with two hoops,” says OHS senior Brycen Wight. Throughout the game, the boys pushed very hard and ignored the other team’s bad sportsmanship. “I just don’t pay attention to it, but sometimes I use the other team’s crowd’s trash talk to pump me up,” says OHS senior Alex Lanns, “i felt like it was funny that they were booing us, and there was no time for feelings to be hurt.” Although they were down by (get points from Staniland) at halftime, they did not get discouraged and kept pushing.

The boys did not get the result they hoped for, but they maintain positive about it as Staniland and staff did an outstanding job of helping the boys get this far. “I think we will still be respected for an amazing season,” said Lanns. If they had the chance to do it again, they “would understand and know what it takes to win,” said Johnson.