Lets Go to the Casino!

OHS students discuss why or why they are not attending this years prom.

A high school tradition upperclassmen all over the nation like to do is attend their school’s annual prom. Prom is a formal dance where upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) get to dress up and dance towards the end of their year.

At Oxnard High School, this year’s prom, Casino Royal, is one that many are looking forward to.

As part of this year’s prom committee, William Gerardo’s reasons as to why one should go are because it is considered one of the biggest dances of the year and is a big event for upperclassmen.

To prom committee member Katelyn Bui, this event has been very stressful but well worth it. With all the stress that came along with planning prom, Bui states how she “can’t wait to see [prom] unfold and become a reality”.

This year’s prom is an event that has been planned since second semester of the 2015-2016 school year. With the many rules to follow regulated by administration, the location was a controversial topic as only 500 tickets could be sold for the designated venue. This caused some controversy amongst the students, but nevertheless, all the tickets were sold out and many are looking forward to attending.

Although, there are some students who do not find prom as exciting as others do. OHS junior, Denise Lopez does not see the “hype” for prom because of her class grade, the price to go, and because it is just a dance. Lopez believes other people do not go because they do not have a date and/or due to the theme. To Lopez, she would want the theme to be “extravagant and exaggerated”.

There are many reasons one should go to prom, but every yellowjacket’s situation may be different as to why do not attend. One should always be safe, and make the right decisions. Prom is a memorable night and should be filled with nothing but amazing memories.