Does OHS do an effective job of reporting the school’s goals and mission to students?

Students speak on achieving OHS’s goals and missions.

Oxnard High School has provided the yellow-jacket spirit and pride since it was established in 1901. Oxnard High School’s vision statement ‘is committed to high standards of academic excellence and personal behavior, and believes in the fundamentals of success, diversity, and empowerment.’ Despite this, are students learning to accomplish their goals and gain success for their future at OHS?

With the many academies and academic clubs around the school, many find that they receive help from those programs. For example, OHS junior Monica Cruz said that an academic program that has helped her the most is AVID because it has, “Prepared [me] for my future and education.”

So, what about the students not involved in academies or receiving as much help as the other students? “I feel as if it’s more difficult for me to get help and I usually need to ask my friends who are aware of everything needed for college.” said junior, Mariah Madueño.

Whether students are preparing for college or their future career, they should be able to feel prepared. Madueño said, “I am more concerned about getting better grades because I do want a good future and I feel as that’s the start.”

The purpose of high school is important because it is “viewed as a minimum requirement for success in terms of employment, salary, and future career choices.” according to

The importance of Oxnard High School students achieving their goals and missions has been a mission of OHS. Preparing for our futures and gaining success is the start beginning here at OHS.