Step It Up




Oxnard High School is starting off the school year with a new motivational speaker series. OHS ASB Coordinator Ms.Elizabeth Botello and OHS Library Media Teacher Ms. Jennifer Brickey have put together a group of speakers who will address  students in the OHS Performing Arts Center. The speakers will reach out to the student body by discussing issues of import and will be available once a month during fourth period.


Whether it’s being an incoming freshman, graduating senior, transfer student, or anything in between, one may look for advice from others on their road to success. Some may have an idea about what they hope to achieve and some may need a little more guidance.


The new series, Step It Up, is a way for students to become inspired and motivated by hearing others’ experiences. Ms. Botello said, “This is a way to get people who struggled, survived triumphed, and overcame to put their stories out there for us.”


Their goal is to get speakers who can relate to students on campus, a particular academy, club, or class. They hope to make students feel “like they have an embedded place where you feel loved, appreciated and where you have local leaders who can be role models,” said  Ms. Botello.


To start off the series, OHS Principal Mr. Richard Urias was the first speaker for the month of September. “We thought that it would be an appropriate way for students to get to know him a little bit more,” said Ms. Brickey.


OHS freshman Emily Delacruz said that she feels that Mr.Urias has the ability to get through to her and other students at OHS. She hopes to get tips from someone who has experienced high school out of this speaker series.


“We get better little bits at a time,” said Mr.Urias. “If a student can walk away with one or two things that they know now that they didn’t know before that stay with them, I think that’d be a good success.”