Is College Necessary?

Oxnard High School students discuss the advantages and disadvantages of furthering their education.

After high school, most options are going to college and pursing a degree. Some students at Oxnard High School wonder about their future and what career they want to follow. Numerous amount of students do not know what they want to do in their future yet, for instance, OHS sophomore, Jadden Dempsey stated that he yet doesn’t know what he wants to pursue in life.  

Although, there are quite a few careers that do not include this path. Some of our own classmates choose other options for their career such as the military, going into a family business, and many others that need no college experience.

The question that leaves many to wonder is, “Is it necessary to go to college and still be successful in the long run?” There’s always two sides of the story, for the most part, some OHS students said that yes it is necessary to receive a college degree to be successful. OHS freshman, Marco Sesay said, “ I think it is necessary because it makes life easier for you once you get your degree.” Many feel that it will help to further your education as it will give you more opportunities, Sesay said,” If you don’t choose to further your education then it’s going to be harder to get job offers, so it’s a good idea to go to college.”

There are some students that believe that furthering their education is not in their career interest.“The thing that i want to pursue in life, I don’t believe requires college,”stated by OHS, junior Jason McKinney. Pursuing a degree can cause students to become overwhelmed and can pressure them into dropping out, but “if [their] doing what [they] enjoy, [they won’t] feel stressed out,” stated by McKinney.

An advice to those that don’t want to further their education, “If you think you can survive without going to college like doing something else for a business and you don’t need a degree then go ahead” stated by Sesay.