The rhythm of Salsa

The new Salsa Club brings students together.

The beginning of the new school year has given Oxnard High School opportunities to start new clubs such as, the Salsa club. The salsa club is a new dancing club that gives students the opportunity to learn different cultures and become accommodated to the world of dance, “For people who are very interested in their culture, it will be great for them to have a club where they can talk about it with other people,” said junior, Lizzeht Hernandez.


The club was started by Mr.Spence and Mrs.England. Mr.Spence said, “I was recently at the Salsa festival and I saw everybody dancing and I knew that i couldn’t dance like that, and I wanted to learn how to dance.”


Mr. Spence hopes that the club will teach students how to go beyond their comfort zone and learn new skills.” I hope people learn lots of stuff from the club, especially protocol and respect,” says Mr.Spence. The club will be held on Monday’s at lunch, in the small gym.

Students are open to hearing about a new club that can bring people together in a different way, ”By bringing people together from different cultures,” says junior, Mario Vasquez. The salsa club is interesting to many of the students when hearing about it for the first time,”It’s interesting, I love salsa,” said junior, Chloe Peebles.


There are two parts of the club which include the dancing portion and the band portion which will include live music while performing. No experience is needed to join as long as you have “drive and the willingness to try” said Mr. Spence.