USC Representatives

What students look in public and private colleges.


University Of Southern California, is located in Los Angeles . The USC Representative , Kelsey Bradshaw – Senior Assistant Director And Office Of Admission Territory Manager . Bradshaw came to the college and career center on September 14 to talk about how the school programs go , the new village that opened last month , on August 17th and how students manage with the majors they’re working on . USC is one of the private schools on LA , some students don’t really put their attention to it , of how high the fees and tuition are . OHS Junior Judith Garcia , “ I would like to see how eco friendly the environment of USC is but it being a private school, does give me some second thoughts , I also want to major in Forensic Science. “ she said . It would be a good opportunity if students at OHS go on field trips and took tours on any schools in their mind , and it’ll also be early for them to decide where they would like to be attending and how comfortable it’s going to be for them .

Back to USC , there’s a Center for Foreign Language and Writing , where students get help and tutoring and it’s for free , that’s similar to Mrs. Henchy’s class and other classes where students go during nutrition or lunch to get help from college tutors in Math or anything they hardly understand. All the lectures at USC only get taught by Professors , graduate students get paid to teach the land and more stuff , but they can’t be teaching the lessons , even when they’re substituting . The biggest number of students that attend lectures is about 200, the average number is 100 students . If it’s a science room , than 120.


What the Representatives more often see now is bikes getting theft , so they’ve decided on doing partnership with lyft/ taxi for students . Also campus crossers for students to get a 2 mile for free to. “There’s an open enrollment policy and students either want Music , Film , Or Business that they can be in and without filling a lot of paperwork , said Bradshaw. About the new village that just opened last month, it has cardio leads , more machines available to use in every building instead of students walking to only one far place.

BFA stands for Bachelor Fine Arts . Dance , theater , Cinema offer BFA and Arts Training as well . That’s quite similar to scholarships or electives ohs offers to students that are interested. Back to the village that just opened, it has 500 Freshmen’s , honors dorms, Yoga studio , food courts and many other fun things as well . The computer Science Program is a really nice program, said Bradshaw. There are also 1. Communication, it talks about what’s important and what has happened in the past . The second program is Journalism , it’s telling people what’s going on and share news . Journalism is a good program to be in , to spread the news and for students to have ideas about what’s happening. Communication requires internship and some students do researches and plus a lot of fun resources are what’s recommended. Students work in Nickelodeon  and work on appreciate ads , few students could work for Newstation . I like the Academic Programs they have and I would like to be in a Health Industry program / business,also go play college football.  Junior Francisco Erguera said .


Several students take 5 years to graduate , the reason is because they can take one year to do internship. Some programs are when you take 5 years to get a Bachelor’s Degree. The school have an excellent internship program that allows students to get experience in various fields for all types of majors . Since I’m planning on majoring in accounting and minoring in business administration, I feel that it would be easier to find a job after college that best suits me since USC has many connections with businesses. Ohs Brianna Figueroa said . Students only pay half tuition anywhere they go , it only requires recommendation letters of programs. The better letters come from juniors / seniors teachers or a good sophomore English teacher. The recommendation as writing for USC is 2 short essays , 250 words that will talk about what you want to study and why you would pick usc out of average schools . Bradshaw and more assistance Directors are looking for good Intelligence and personalities. Community services are really important if students want to do ,  it doesn’t really matter which schools. Population and the major are what I would like to be in , Ohs Junior Judith Garcia said .


University Of Southern California is the dream of many students , they don’t really put the big fees in their minds , but what they’re looking forward to do as their major and how many years it’ll take them while doing to get to the end . Everyone should go to the club meetings and the fun activities at OHS , to prepare them for the college they’re wishing to be in and for their applications to look nice in the Director’s hands while they look at them .