SNACing at School

This new club at OHS wants to improve the quality and nutritious value of food served at the cafeteria.

After a few attempted tries, a new club called SNAC (Student Nutrition Advisory Council) has finally made its way onto the Oxnard High School campus. While most clubs on campus focus on student interests, SNAC works to improve student life.                                                                                                                                                                                                The Oxnard Union High School District’s Farm to School Coordinator, Anna Jackson, works with SNAC clubs all across the district. She said, “SNAC is a club for student leaders on campus who want to promote nutrition and great tasting, healthy food.”

With SNAC Club now on campus, the cafeteria will be able to improve over the course of this school year. “The variety of food served at the cafeteria is very limited. They serve the same food often and it isn’t very good,” said junior Noheli Avila.

Changing the type of food served at the cafeteria is not SNAC Club’s only goal. “SNAC is also for students interested in learning about sustainable agriculture and how our food supply impacts the environment, in addition to careers in Ventura County’s agricultural industry,” said Ms. Jackson.

One of this club’s main plans is to build a school garden and grow food for the cafeteria. “I don’t think students get the proper nutrition from cafeteria food,” said junior Francisco Magaña. Having a school garden should be able to promote good nutrition among students.

In addition, SNAC also gives students an opportunity to do community service related to reducing food waste and food insecurity in Ventura County. Food drives and donating produce to those in need are just some of the events planned for SNAC Club.

SNAC is planning to improve many things for OHS this school year. If one is interested in contributing their time and effort to this club, meetings are held in Mr. Henchy’s room, E222, every other Friday starting November 3.