Can you catch this?

Oxnard High School’s First varsity home game.



Friday Night Lights at Oxnard High School are back. The OHS football team played a phenomenal game against Sylmar High school with a 63-0 win! Their goal was to win and that’s exactly what they did. They prepared, practiced, and played to win.

   OHS Junior quarterback, Vincent Walea, talks about his preparation for the game. He said “in order to prepare we watch a lot of film and have been working out and lifting weights since the summer”.

Senior fullback Eric Padilla said, “We prepare with practice and film” .

Senior middle linebacker Jose Garcia says he “has to stay hydrated and eat all his meals” is his way of preparing.

Other things they did to prepare involved superstitions. Salvador Gutierrez Junior strong safety, superstition is “eating sour patches before every game.”

Talking about his position as a linebacker, Gabriel Quintana said his responsibility is “ to mainly stop the offense from scoring.” Their performance on the field shined with the outcome of the game.

“I don’t really think about the crowd, I’m just focused on the game” said Vincent Walea. There is also other ways they get nervous like just pregame nerves not from the crowd just plain old nerves.  

They’re preparation sure paid off! OHS players were all so hyped and ready to play. Starting off with a touchdown Senior wide receiver Deshaun Staples scored a touchdown within the first 5 minutes and then the team went for a 2 point conversion. After this OHS football just kept scoring and scoring , by halftime they were up 43-0. Eventually OHS Varsity football finished with a win! Oxnard sure proved themselves, they proved the stats wrong. It was a great way to start off the season’s first home game.