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Oxnard High School student’s give their opinions on animal cruelty based makeup products

Many companies that use animal derivatives find it less costly, but fail to warn consumers of any risk of harmful chemicals. Although it may be beneficial to their success and may cost less, many believe using animals for this process is wrong. Oxnard High School freshman Morgan Glinski said, “I think it’s awful. They treat them like they are worth nothing.”

Many people that wear makeup are also unaware of the issue and at times don’t read the label on the product. OHS freshman Stephanie Suarez said, “I don’t support them, but whenever I do get makeup, I’m not aware of what companies test on animals.” OHS junior Keona Tucker, also added,“Obviously the people wearing it don’t really know about it.” Without having makeup brands put out that they test on animals, it is tough for many customs to know what kinds of products they are wearing or supporting.

On the other hand, there are a variety of reasons why companies use animal products, but in most cases, the reasons are related to economics and not the health of consumers nor the preservation of animal species, according to animal research organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). PETA also included that these companies use animal testing data in court if they were ever to be sued by a customer due to any injuries caused by a certain product.

Other reasons for testing include finding treatments for diseases, testing it’s safety and many more according to They also included it is easier for many companies to test on animals like Chimpanzees, because they share 99% of our DNA, rather than using actual humans, and putting them through any risk of harmful substances.

Still, some students at OHS think that these companies should find alternative ways to test their products instead of using animals. OHS Junior, Damian Rodriguez, said,”They should find a different way to test it on something different rather than animals.”

Many students at OHS, also choose makeup products that are cruelty free, and try to limit their use on any other animal based products. Glinski said, “I don’t use any products that test on animals, and I try to stay away from any facial products or moisturizers or anything that does.”

As this topic is constantly talked about among makeup industries, it only comes down to the opinions of others, and whether or not they choose to support cruelty free makeup.