Hurricane Theories Overblown

Oxnard High School is home to many opinions on natural disasters and their causes

Natural disasters are coming in fast as the United States has faced two and is expected to face two more. While our neighbor country Mexico has experienced a 8.1 earthquake on September 8 2017, while a 5.6 earthquake happened on September 18, 2017. What do some people think is happening to the U.S. and why?


Speaking on the topic about the recent hurricanes, Brian Velasquez, a Junior at OHS said “I know that they have been caused by this year’s solar minimum which is an event that happens every five to seven years. The solar minimum causes the earth to heat evenly (hence why it is so hot the week beforehand). The even heating of the earth cause water vapor to form storms like hurricanes that just recently happened. Also explains this weekend’s odd weather.”


In contrast Sophomore Andrew Alvarez said, “I’ve been watching the news about them and I guess as much as I hate to admit it, [….] it’s starting to prove climate change, since every degree Celsius that the temperature rises the air can hold six percent more water.”


“The hurricanes could be contributed to by global warming, but also it’s just natural, a whole bunch of natural disasters are just unlucky.” said Austin Stokes who is a Sophomore at OHS.


On the topic of people who are skeptical of global warming, Mr. Kevin Flint, a teacher, said, “Since the beginning of time, people are gonna use philosophical arguments that aren’t science based to justify things in the world. My opinion as a science person is that people of power have often used this to manipulate the masses. It’s mainly a social control mechanism, that’s using fear to control people.”


Mr. Nicholas Petterson, a teacher of science, said “Earthquakes are going to happen. […] I think it’s a bunch of hooey when they try to blame it on something specific other than natural things that have been done to the environment.”