Ventura College Wants Help

Header: Ventura College Wants to Help

Subheader: Ventura College offers free tuition for one year.

By: Madelynn Alvara and Celeste Ramirez


The Ventura College Promise is a program funded by donors in Ventura County. This program is a first come first serve basis. The Promise covers the cost of Ventura College tuition per unit, cost of classes, health, and student center fees for the first year.


To apply for this program, one must first apply to be a student at Ventura College online. October 1st is application opening, in order to gain access to the application for the VC Promise, one would use the username and password the school gives one when one enroll as a student.


One can also apply for financial aid separately for additional money, through Free Application For Student Aid. First one would fill out the promise application and complete student orientation.


Something one should know about the promise is that food is in fact not covered. One would  also have to pay for parking permit or transportation, and books  .


Even though one can apply for financial aid through FAFSA do not get confused, FAFSA and The promise are two separate programs.


The difference is that FAFSA is paid for by the government and FAFSA does happen to get more money than The Promise, FAFSA gets about $5000 from the federal government , for those who qualify, a year where as The Promise is only for one year and is paid for by donors. If one were to apply for FAFSA one must apply every year to continue to receive it all throughout college.


Being under the VC Promise is a great opportunity to begin one’s college experience and see if college is really for one at no out of pocket cost for tuition.

Keep in mind there is a limit where only 1,000 students can be a part of this program, apply for one before it goes.