It’s Getting Hot in here

OHS students and teachers share their opinions on having air conditioning

     Sometimes during the school year it can get really hot making it unbearable to be inside a classroom. Over the years Oxnard High School faculty has been trying to get air conditioning in all of the buildings. So far only the portables have them.


     OHS Junior Margarita Zendejas said, “ We need it, we really do. Especially in the C building because that can get so hot.” The C building is one of buildings at OHS to not have air conditioning.


     Students don’t get to chose if they want a class in a portable or not. They just get put in a random class and hope for the best. Zendejas added that she had to wait until sophomore year until she finally got a portable. “When I was a sophomore in the C building I would be sitting there and would be sweating because it was so hot.”


    OHS English teacher Mrs. Ellen Acevedo has been teaching for many years in the B building, which is one of the many hot buildings there. Mrs. Acevedo believes air conditioning would be beneficial to have. “I think that as of it getting hotter these days that the only solution is to have air conditioning” said Mrs. Acevedo.


 For the teachers it is different being in a classroom with no air conditioning.. Teachers stay in that single classroom all day, while the students change rooms every hour. Students get to experience a little air, but the teachers with no AC don’t get to.


    OHS Junior Maylee Murillo is all ears with having AC in all the buildings. “ It would be very beneficial to us who don’t have a portable classroom,”said Murillo. It would be very helpful to all students especially when the temperature is over 80 degrees.


    This past week the temperatures were scorching high. They were as high as 95 degrees for three days straight. That is an example of the school being in a serious need of air conditioning. We’ve lasted this long without air conditioning. It’s time for a change.