Through The Lens

An overview of the Video Program offered at Oxnard High School

As the 2017-2018 school year begins, Oxnard High School Yellowjackets are welcomed back to the Hive with change in the air. Mr. Fundi Legohn who, for many years, led the OHS marching band, traded his baton for a lens. He is now the video program coordinator.

Mr. Legohn’s video program benefits students who need to complete computer literacy requirements or those who simply want to expand their knowledge in the art of filmmaking. For many years, OHS did not have a real video program, but Mr. Legohn has brought the video experience back to the Hive and will certainly give it the same excellence he brought to the music program.

A new concept he has been implemented includes the ability to stream video and present it through an online broadcast called Live at The Hive, according to Mr. Legohn. It includes different segments like sports, academics, and world events.The program’s goal is to have three shows a week and to make the morning announcements into a visual representation. With this in place, it gives access to OHS happenings that can be shared with people on the outside.

“I look forward to putting Oxnard High School on the map,” said Mr. Legohn.

Streaming video is being used as a learning tool for students to see and understand the different aspects of the media. According to OHS senior Fidelmar Espinoza, students are introduced to new technology and taught to work a camera properly.

Students also get the opportunity to meet new people with the same interests as them. Whether you already know how to work a camera or not, you can always count on the teacher for support. “Mr. Legohn is a cool teacher. He wants success for every one of his students, which I really like,” said OHS senior Anthony Gonzales.