The voice of Atheism

Atheist perspective on religion.

  What makes someone an atheist versus a claimed religious person? Perceptions vary about why one person growing up in a religious background embrace his or her faith, while another, also raised in a religious environment, disdains the thought of being conditioned by doctrinal beliefs.


       The existence of a higher power is a personal decision that is accepted or rejected, depending on one’s upbringing. A belief in that higher power may or may not be the reason for one’s attachment to religious doctrine. Some families practice religion to provide their children with morality.


Oxnard High School students provided a wide range of responses to the following questions:

“Is atheism or a lack of religion or lack of believing in God?

Justin Rosaralty, an Oxnard High School junior states,“It is a lack of believing in God. It’s not like believing in a religion. It’s a belief that God is not real, and so it is it’s own religion itself and it is what you believe in.”


As defined, atheism is not believing in, or having faith for something that is not based on solid facts. It does not possess proven evidence. It is not worshipping anyone that controls people and power.

Steven Varela, Oxnard High School senior claims, “It’s a lack of believing in God. It’s not like seeing something and just believing it.”


Alex Watser, an Oxnard High School junior claims, “I feel like a lot of times it hurts people, but if that’s what you want to do, then that’s what you want to do.”


Do you not have faith based on logic, or it just because it’s painful believing that there is a God who watches and allows terrible things to happen?

Rosaralty alleges, “It’s based on logic. There’s no reason to believe in God because He doesn’t exist.”


Did you become an atheist as a response to your family being religious, or is it because you were raised into a religious environment?


Bryan Strausser, Ohs junior, professes, “It’s both. At first, I thought it was a good idea because I was raised into it. My Dad is also an Atheist.” However, the interviewer pursues Strausser’s idea by asking, “When you were a kid, did your parents teach you to be atheist?” Strausser presents the response, “He (Strausser’s father) read books, and I used to read his books and it was kind of cool to me. He didn’t really talk to me about it, but I just got into it”


Throughout time, man has always wanted something more than the life he lives. Something more eternal. And with the search for something more, man continues to build temples, churches and mosques. In the name of religion, a great many things have been done.


People suffered from wars, were tortured and burned, for this belief deemed more important than truth. Faith is fear-based. This belief of a superior Creator, whether it is true or not, mainly aims to keep someone secure.


In other words, “God” gives people the assurance of permanency. From a personal perspective, belief in a deity has a lot to do with fear because humans are naturally fearful of many things; therefore, a belief that someone or something is looking down on humans, keeps people feeling secure and comfortable.


A person who is religious will always separate one’s self from others and will always classify one’s self  between a Christian and a non Christian, a Jew and a Muslim, or other group divisions.