Art For Art’s Sake

There are difficulties in pursuing a career in the arts

Going to college can be a time when one gains independence. It’s a period in which students can spend the majority of the time figuring out what career they will pursue for the rest of their lives.


So what happens when a student decides to pursue a career that society looks at as a hobby or unstable? Many individuals who decide to go into their dream majors that aren’t typical, such as art, music, or design, feel the pressure from their loved ones arise. “My parents say that they will support my education no matter what I want to do, but I can definitely tell that they would want me to support a career in the sciences,” said Oxnard High School junior Abril Orozco.


Even though there’s a lot of pressure to be accepted by loved ones or peers, it is very important for colleges to give students the opportunity to pursue a career in these types of fields by offering a variety of majors for everyone. OHS junior Sofia Mendigorian agreed with this when she said, “If they’re better in theater or arts they can find a job through that instead of something they don’t [like], like nursing or engineering.”


“You get other opportunities within the classroom, and you still get to learn other things and branch off,” said OHS senior Brittany Walton when describing the importance of art in a classroom.


The image of art careers not being serious has been shaped by many different reasons. Art is looked at this way primarily because people do not understand the various paths one can take with an art degree. It can come in all types of forms such as writing a book, directing a movie, dancing, singing and more.


“Art doesn’t always have to create some sense of interpretation or convey a message. Anything that creates a sense of feeling in someone whether there’s a word for it or not is art,” said OHS junior Winnifred Porte. Different individuals have their own perception of what art is, but it all comes down to self expression and a message to get across.


Having different options in deciding what a person wants to do in the next stage of their life is an important factor in gaining the full college experience. It establishes no boundaries to what a student dreams of becoming. Art majors are essential to the freedom of college students and their careers.