Dream Come True

Oxnard High School students get into their dream schools

As they enter high school, students begin to form their path as young adults and set goals for themselves such as what college they would want to attend and what career they would want to pursue. They have to make decisions in their high school careers that would greatly impact their future. One main goal that students work hard for is being accepted into their dream school.


Oxnard High School senior Will Gerardo’s dream school is New York University, and he will be attending NYU this fall. He said,  “Ever since I was a toddler I dreamt about going to the big city and making it big.” Now in his senior year, he realizes his dream is finally coming true.


One of the most difficult things about choosing a college is that it is like choosing a new home; it has to fit your personality and feel comfortable. For some, this decision came naturally. “As soon as I walked in [to University of California, Davis] I knew it’s where I belonged,” said OHS senior Bailey Milligan.


College will bring new experiences along with new people to meet. Going out of one’s city or even state is a big step into a new independent life. “I am a bit scared to basically start over at square one and begin a new life,” said OHS senior Will Gerardo.


Although starting a new school in a brand new city can come with frightening thoughts it pays off in the end when one receives their acceptance letter. As OHS senior Nadeyah Mason described her reaction to her acceptance into the University of California Irvine, “It felt like a dream. I didn’t think it was real.”


Along with all the chaos of settling in to a new city with brand new people it can also come with lots of adventures and new experiences. Gerardo said, “I am very excited to meet people from all over the world and make the most of the great experiences I know I will have.”


Students work hard during their four years of high school to be eligible for their dream school. All their hard work and dedication is rewarded when acceptance letters come in. OHS senior Isa Sapo said, “It reassured me that all my academic stress was worth it.” Working for your dreams comes with stress and hard dedication but with support and motivation it is always possible.