Million Dollar Education

Is college worth the cost?

The public college 2017-2018 academic year averaged $25,290, according to, which provides information about college prices. Many things come to mind when people think of college, but the main thing people think about is the money and how much it costs. Getting an education has always been expensive, but some people believe the cost is increasing too much.


Oxnard High School senior Kendra Trejo said, “I don’t think college is worth the amount of money it costs.” She added, “I think college is too expensive and the cost should be lowered. It may motivate more people to attend and many people can benefit from it.” Trejo plans on attending community college under the rules of free tuition for two years in order to cut down on the cost for a higher education.


There are students who don’t consider college to be important because of the expense. OHS junior Brandy Bibian said, “I think college is a great opportunity to help you succeed in what you want be, but should be lower priced.” Bibian still plans on going to college and plans on doing so with scholarships. Bibian continued, “It’s seen as a luxury that people don’t think they can have, and it shouldn’t be that way.”


Getting a college education is still an important experience. Students can get a higher level of education and get paid more for having a degree, even though some would agree with OHS senior Noah Alvara’s statement: “I think the cost of college is too expensive and unreasonable.”


On the other hand, there are also students who would agree with OHS junior Sidney Luis as she said, “I think the cost of college is expensive, but I think it’s worth it.” Luis said she feels this way because with an education, the options to one’s future could be limitless. People are provided with more options in life and would most likely be happy doing something they enjoy.


Overall, college may not be for everyone. One can still be successful without furthering their education. However, it is a decision every student should make in their next step into adulthood.