Every Second Counts

Two swim records were broken by both the girls and boys 200 Meter Medley relay teams

The Oxnard High School swim team proved to have a very successful season because of the multiple records that were broken by some swimmers. Among these impressive feats were the 200 medley relay records broken for both the girls swim team and boys swim team at this year’s Pacific View League finals.


The boys’ relay team consisted of OHS junior Jason Sunker swimming backstroke, junior Arturo Medina swimming breaststroke, senior Keanu Pagano swimming butterfly, and senior Riley Doucette swimming freestyle. These swimmers were able to break the 1:42.75 record with a time of 1:41.21, according to Sunker.


Doucette stated that it was their goal to break this record since they came close to breaking it last year. “We prepared by putting in long and hard hours at practice and making sure we were pushing each other past our limits,” said Sunker.


When they found out that they had broken the record, Doucette said, “I was super pumped. I started yelling while I was still in the pool.”


For the girls’ relay team, OHS freshman Shelbee Jackson swam backstroke, sophomore Kaylee Palmares swam breaststroke, freshman Jenna Huynh swam butterfly, and senior Skylar Rapp finished it off with freestyle. These girls were able to break the 1:59 record by two and a half seconds giving them a time of 1:56.5, according to Huynh.


Breaking this record was a surprise to these girls as their only intention during the swim meet was to beat Rio Mesa High School. “We had no idea that we even broke the relay record until the next day. We didn’t prepare for it at all,” said Huynh.


Upon hearing the news about being the new record holders, Palmares said, “We were so surprised […] but we were really happy.”


These swimmers were glad to see that their hard work during the season payed off in the end and proof of that will be seen when their names are placed on the record board at the pool