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Other Options Besides College

There are different paths after high school to pursue that do not include college

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After high school, there’s a decision to make considering one’s future. Options vary from heading straight to a four year university to not going to college at all. In between, there’s the option of taking a gap year, working, attending community college, or heading into the military. At Oxnard High School, 45 percent of seniors are going to a community college, 33 percent are going to a university, 17 percent did not apply, three percent are entering the military, and two percent are working.


According to todaysmilitary.com, a website that serves the branches of the U.S. military, the basic educational requirement is a high school diploma in any branch of the military. OHS senior Andrew Urias decided that pursuing a higher education was not for him and settled on entering the military instead.


Urias came to the decision to become a nuclear engineer for the Navy. “A lot of places like to recruit nuclear engineers after their tour of duty and the salaries can reach up to 100k a year, and I happen to like money,” said Urias.


OHS students, especially juniors, have already started thinking about their futures. Junior Gavin Hammon, looking at all options, is considering becoming a Navy SEAL after high school. “I would like to give back to veterans who have protected me my whole life. The benefits are a plus, too,” said Hammon, who is still unsure about college for his future.


Settling on a decision can be difficult for some which is why a gap year may be necessary. “It provides an opportunity for high school graduates to figure out what career they’d like to pursue,” said OHS senior Jarrick Porte.


Regarding a gap year, OHS senior Mailyn Rea said, “I know who I am. I know that if I don’t go to college right away, I may not go at all.”


Whichever decision is made depends on the person because pursuing a higher education is not for everyone.

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Other Options Besides College