Looking Beyond

OHS seniors perspective on their senior project

As senior year rolls by, many english teachers construct a senior project in which many graduating students create depending on their future line of career.


Apart from discovering what the students are most passionate about, it is also an opportunity for an individual to show peers what the student is the most capable of and a way to express to others about oneself.


Oxnard High School senior Leslie Bahena, stated, “Beside doing the research and writing I think that it’s really good and fun project because it gives the opportunity to experience something new and gives you the chance to show others some of the talent we have but that not everyone knows about it”


Many seniors have a different perspective to approach the project like OHS senior Amy Miranda chose the topic on “is it different to be a female officer with kids than a male officer with kids?”

OHS senior Teresa Baeza project was on how can she improve in her family’s cattle business.


Not only are seniors choosing a random way to approach the project, many seniors like Baeza chose it on something that they are the most passionate about.


Baeza stated,” I knew that if i was going to do a long-term project I was going to do something that was going to help me for the future. So yes i am passionate about my project because i know that what i learned will help me better our business for the long run”


Along with bettering their own future, some seniors chose to do it on a topic based on health diseases that they might know about and would like to inform others. Senior Cynthia Ibarra states, “My senior project is doing a research on a disease called lupus…i’m informing others on something they could have.”