Music is in the Air at Summer Festivals

The biggest music festivals across the US

From Indio,California to New York City, artists with different genres of music come together to perform at some of the biggest music festivals across the country. These events include Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo,Firefly, The Governors Ball and many more. They take place from early spring to late summer where thousands of people see their favorite singers and rappers.

Every festival has their own unique style which creates their own mood for the audience. Oxnard High School junior Daisy Zeuca said,”They all have their own style and vibe that makes them stand out from the rest.” Depending on which artist are performing, each event has a different cost.  

According to, VIP tickets from the more popular festivals, like Coachella, can cost up to $900 per person, excluding expenses of food, hotel, and transportation. Some people think you should be aware of what artists are performing before you actually think about buying tickets. OHS senior Valeria Gomez said,”I think with festivals like these,you have to think about enjoying the lineup enough to spend hundreds on a ticket.”

Whether it’s a known artist like Beyonce,or an upcoming artist like Khalid,performers make the night memorable for everyone. They take turns performing on stage for the entire crowd to jam out to. Many students, like junior Joel Balades think they are a convenient way to enjoy huge artist in one big event. He added,”It’s cool how multiple artists come together to one location to perform instead of going to five different concerts.”

According to lineup artist from Coachella 2018 included The Weeknd, SZA, Daniel Caesar, Beyonce,Tyler the Creator, French Montana and many others. Most of the singers or rappers that perform usually attend all of the other festivals. Balades added,”I would expect to see Chance the Rapper, Asap Rocky, Alicia Keys and Kendrick Lamar perform.”

Music festivals are a great way to experience a variety of live artist all performing in one event. The different genres of music like hip-hop, rap, alternative,and r&b all give their audience a night they are bound to remember.