In With the New, Out With the Old

Subheader: OHS athletes and coaches discuss their thoughts about the new Pacific View League

Farewell, Hueneme! Hello, Ventura and Buena!


Oxnard High School’s sport teams have been involved with the Pacific View League since 1998 and now this league is changing once more. The departure of Hueneme High School from the PVL this year lead to the introduction of new additions, Buena and Ventura High School. Although change can be hard, the reshuffling of schools in the PVL is nothing new. Throughout the years of its creation, schools have been dropped from the league as well as new ones added. The original PVL league was made up of: Oxnard, Rio Mesa, Camarillo, Hueneme, and Channel Islands High School.


But, the first High School to depart the league was Camarillo High in 2014 and now this year the PVL has said goodbye to Hueneme High School. The PVL has now said hello to games and matches against Buena and Ventura High School. With the addition of these new schools, it has forced the PVL and all sports seasons to move up by a few weeks in both practice and league play. When change occurs, new challenges and competition can arise especially when dealing with sports.


With the addition of Buena and Ventura High School, a more competitive league has emerged. Oxnard High School varsity volleyball Coach Casey said “Before the league was a little less suspenseful; now it matters. Like every match matters, who you are playing, and who you’re beating, and who they are beating. So the league is a lot more competitive.”


Due to the new competition the league has started a bit earlier than usual giving sports the opportunity to get back into action. The OHS boys volleyball team was able to clinch the league title in 2018 and are actively pursuing another title. The boys are looking forward to the new PVL. OHS Senior varsity volleyball player Stefano Cantos said the new league is very strong. Cantos’ thoughts for this upcoming season included “Getting better and showing up the teams that had beat us last year, because the boys volleyball team is taking a ‘19 home soon.”


All sports teams are working harder now in order to succeed and win titles. Many OHS sports are meeting the challenge and are looking forward to putting in the time and effort to succeed. OHS Senior tennis player Brisa Hardin said “I think for tennis, the new league has made it more difficult for us, but it has also been fun because it gave us more of a challenge.”

The road of hard work ahead of athletes is not the only exciting thing, but also the thrill that comes with it all. OHS varsity Junior football player Deshaun Stallings said, “It’s cool starting early so that you can get the hype starting earlier.” Not only is the athlete enjoying the earlier season, but he is enthusiastic to get started.


Athletes are not the only ones excited for the new competition but coaches of course are ready for the new challenge in league. OHS varsity football coach Mack said, “ It’s going to be a difficult challenge, but I think we have made it a much more competitive league.”


Although, some athletes are excited for the new challenge, some people think that the new league was not necessary. OHS Junior volleyball player Joseph Casey said, “This change didn’t need to happen since Buena and Ventura High School can be arrogant at times, and our league was fine.”


With the new road ahead for athletes as well as coaches it gives them the opportunity for a fresh start as well as a continuation towards their hard work and dedication in their sport.