Attendance on Check

This year the staff at Oxnard High School is enforcing the attendance policy, by adding new rules for the student body. The new rules include being at school 90% of the time, not being tardy more than 10 times in a quarter, and no more than 17 absences per semester. While speaking with Mr. Luoma, he states that the staff will be more strict and there will be consequences. If one does not meet these requirements, school dances and other school activities will be taken away from students. As for the OHS seniors, walking the line could be at risk.


These attendance rules are supposed to help the huge attendance problem we had last year at OHS but if the rates stay the same, will administration really not let all the students walk the line on graduation?


According to Mr. Luoma, last year’s attendance numbers made them realize this was a big problem that needed to be addressed and resolved. He added that students were not coming to school and getting the job done but would still go to school activities. “Take care of business, then the fun things,” said Mr. Luoma. He also added that every quarter he will be running a report to view who is meeting the expectations and who is not.


These new rules have everyone wondering if the administration will really enforce the new rules upon students. OHS senior Keona Tucker said, “Honestly, I think students won’t take it serious and have to learn the hard way, as bad as it sounds.”


Other students agree and think the school will not follow through with these rules. “They probably came up with these rules to make us scared about being late or not coming to school,” said OHS senior Kadi Wood.


Mr. Luoma added that the ditch rates last year were very high and the administration really want to work on lowering those rates. OHS sophomore Paul Ortegel said, “I think people are still going to ditch and not come to school.” Many students will brush these rules off and continue to leave school or not show up at all.  


Whether students take the new attendance policy seriously or not, the staff at OHS does seem firm about changing the attendance rates and enforcing the consequences that come with not meeting the requirements. “You can’t teach an empty desk,” said Mr. Luoma. Part of a public high school is coming to school and getting a free education, so students should take advantage of their education and come to school with enthusiasm to learn.