Student-Athlete Profile

Subheader: Profile/Q&A on Daniela Sanchez

Q: What are your thoughts about this season?
A: “This season was the best season I had in my past four years, the bond between the girls was quite ordinary and everyone had the same goal which was even better: everyone wanted to improve and win”

Q: What was your favorite moment from volleyball?
A: “My favorite moment was when I broke the school record for most digs in my career and most digs in a single season”

Q: What are your future plans dealing with volleyball?
A: “My future plans with volleyball are kind of tough right now, it’s somewhere there but for now I am choosing education first”

Q: What will you miss from volleyball?

A: “I’ll miss Casey’s coaching skills, his humor, the way he would explain things, as well as his ability to open up our third eye on things in life.”


Q: What life lessons have you learned from volleyball?

A: “Life lessons that I have learned in volleyball include the three rules that Casey always mentions to the program: Don’t be where you shouldn’t be , Don’t do what you shouldn’t do, Say it out loud, if it sounds stupid it probably is.”

Q: What other hobbies do you have other than volleyball ?

A: “I like to go to the beach a lot as well as hang out with my friends and being with my family. I also enjoy eating out a lot. “